Burger Club

Area 420 sq. ft. (excluding staff areas and public toilets)

Seats  34


The premises formally a traded as a small restaurant at the start of the Promenade in Portstewart, but had been vacant for a year. The brief was to create a gourmet burger diner and take out on an extremely restricted budget.


Focusing on a customer base of families with young kids and the 17- 30 yrs. age group the interior had to reflect an informal dining experience and provide a casual shabby chic interior that the customer base would identify with feel comfortable dining in.

Exposed brick effect, distressed painted T&sheeting to the walls and a zingy lemon colour to the other walls and ceiling were coupled with an existing aged oak floor. Distressed and aged mix and match leather furniture with a couple of zingy lemon upholstered dining booths were added. Due to the restricted budget the existing lighting points in the ceiling had to be re-used so the new lighting scheme was achieved by looping the flex from existing light points to the new suspended lights and pendants.

The resulting surf shop/shabby chic interior is matched very well to the menu and the way it’s served to table.


The Burger Club is rated 4 of 31 in restaurants in Portstewart on Tripadvisor!