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4 Clooney Terrace, L'Derry, BT47 6AR


Brief  to Mc Donnell Design, Interior Designers.

The clients, an Irish and Thai couple, for this project were very open in their brief. Convert an existing café premises that had laid closed for a couple of years into Derry’s first Thai restaurant, on an extremely tight budget. They also required a takeaway to be incorporated into this semi basement premises. And finally the existing floor tiling and some wall sheeting and fixed seating needed to be retained due to budget constraints.


The design solution was dictated by the existing structure comprising a front and rear room or zones with a link. So a walk along a street with the ambience of street food in a Thai city was devised to leading one from zone 1 to 2. Zone 1 incorporated a takeaway section screened from the dining area and bar, the dining area has upside down Thai umbrellas suspended from the ceiling designed to lead one towards zone 2. Zone 2 is based on a courtyard with communal tables and decorative dividing screens. Such was the budget constraints it was also necessary to open in two phases. Zone one has opened with zone two planed to open in 2018.


The design compliments the authentic Thai food and Thai hospitality on offer, which has been great success.